Friday, August 17, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Batmech & Helicopter

Pick of the Day

by Greg

Batman has often had to resort to a hardsuit when facing the fiercest of foes and this one does his lineage of gadgetry proud.  This is a clever design with some great coloring.  Not overdone yet well articulated.

I don't dislike Bionicle parts but I am glad to see that they are not in used in this design.  The design is clean enough that I could actually picture it being an actual Lego set as is....though I am not sure TLG would accept some of the joints.  The only thing it needs (for me) is a bat logo....I would suggest Three stickers that form the logo over the three central torso elements.

This does call to attention how huge the cowl makes Bat's head though....The minifig head sticking out almost seems in scale with this mecha body.

Very Honorable Mention

ADAC Rescue Helicopter
by Kitbricksto

If this got to the review stage I am sure it would get a massive overhaul, but it has a lot of really great features. 
  • The doors pop out and slid back
  • The back opens to allow for a stretcher and minifig
  • tail contained back prop
  • fins on the sides of the tail
It also has a lot of clever parts usage like the piping on the top.   The only reason I didn't make it Pick of the Day is, well, I really like how "clean" the batmech is.  This set uses a few too many bricks in its attempt at accurately recreating the original model giving it too much "aliasing."  


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