Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Lunar base and Lobster baste

Pick of the Day

Lunar Base
by Gilchagas

I am sure Lego would crop this down in a review phase but this just looks like a lot of fun.  It seems to have a little bit of everything with some mining, launch pad, refining, and what is likely a communications tower.  The tubes running everywhere add a nice flare.

Honorable Mention

Modular Seafood Restaurant
by Howardtjh

I really like the use of space and add-ons in the modular.  The stairs lead directly to second floor of the restaurant leaving the first for the kitchens, which are cleverly crafted.  The openness of the floors is a nice touch for a restaurant and a not uncommon feature to many seafood eateries.  The giant lobster and rear dumpster are very nice finishing details. 


These will have to wait until late tonight.

Guest Review

Light & Sound Ladder Truck
by Madphysicist

Recommendation and Following Review by: 1992pb 

I think it deserves recognition because of the great realism of the model: it's very similar to the original one, as it can be seen here.

 Although the fire vehicle is the children' toy for excellence, LEGO never realized fire vehicles built with big dimensions and accuracy, neither in the Model Team theme. Moreover, the blue emergency lights and the sound brick add even more realism and playability.

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