Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Drums and Desalination

Cuusoo News

New Cuusoo posting  indicates that we will "soon" be hearing the results of the Summer Review.

Today's picks are a examples of extremes: very simple MOC vs an incredibly elaborate one.

Pick of the Day

LEGO Drum Set
by Eta2_actis

This drum set is a great example of a minimalist approach to building.  There really is not much to say other than I wish there were more sets like this on Cuusoo.  The kind of set that would fit in Lego's tiny box for $5.  These tiny sets are some of the best things that Lego makes and I think this set would do that concept proud. 

Honorable Mention

Island desalination
by Gilchagas

Gilchagas's build could not be further from the Drum set in any way. 

This set is amazing!  Under the right conditions I might mistake this for a picture of a real structure!  The use of shaped base plates with the multicolor tiles looks fantastic.   The trans clear tube as a stream of water is brilliant!  The build exudes details.

In the end though, I can't see this really being marketable.  The scale and details ($ + $) relative to the marketable base would probably be a non-starter without this set loosing so much of what makes it awesome.  For that reason I went with the drum set  


Trying something a little new today.   I have ordered the Notables in order of support (at the time I checked).  This may help you find projects that interest you.


Support Level: 18
Ice Cream Stall
Support Level: 13
Ninjago - Ice temple
Support Level: 7
Ninjago Ultrabuilds
Support Level: 6
World Trade Center
Support Level: 6
Transporter truck
Support Level: 5
Panoramic Bus
Support Level: 4

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