Monday, August 6, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Bat Signal and Rv

Yeah yeah yeah, I am a little behind.  I will be playing a lot of catchup tonight.

Cuusoo News

Hayabusa is available in the LegoStore now.

The Reporting system has had a major overhaul (now I need to update the User's Guide)

Pick of the Day

The Bat Signal
by Knightwing50

There are some projects that really remind you what Cuusoo is technically about and that is good ideas for sets, not exactly the execution of said projects.  There are so many aspects of this set that are actually poorly designed.  For instance, the Spot light is just resting on a slope.  Also, there is no reason for such a set to be on a plate. I really appreciate that Batman is NOT in this set.

Its a great little idea for a set though. 

Very Honorable Mention

LEGO RV Series
by Weaselbuilds

This is really an amazing build.  I was really up in the air until this last point....still am in fact.   I really like the sliding out compartments but I do wonder how well they actually work in real world conditions.  If I could be certain that the sliding compartments would not be falling out all the time I would have picked this one.  Still, a great MOC and a very clever concept. 

Notable Series



Second Look

Human Anatomy
by Kmyrug

I don't usually do a Second Look for a project for the actual day that it was made (I know this CotD is late, I am referencing the day in review, not posting ;)) but this projects has done a significant overhaul since its initial release.

It is an interesting concept but I am not sure how well it will really play out.  If you want to learn anatomy and want a model to go from, I imagine a that the traditional models or even virtual renderings would serve better.  I do however really like this idea for a manual.  I could see a book filled with instructions on how to build various anatomical models with descriptions of what each part represents.

Very interesting concept none the less.

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