Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Fully Action Posable Spider-Man

Pick of the Day

by Mmccooey

I always love it when people use Lego to make something more dynamic then what real companies come up with.  This Spidey figure poses in the most Amazing ways!

Mmccooey specializes (it would seem) in large scale action figures.  This is their second one on Cuusoo (Batman being the first).  The articulation and posability is quite impressive.  The use of parts is also very creative. 

The fingers are awesome but unfortunately using outdated parts that break easily, but there are several newer options that will work fine if not actually be as posable.

The use of the teeth for Spidey's eyes and the robot arm for the web shooters is truly inspired. 

Honorable Mention

Buck Roger's Earth Defense Directorate's Starfighter
by Exemplarinc

This is a unique ship design and it looks great from many angles.  My only problems with it is that it is overly large and uses too many plates.  I would much rather see slopes used to create those two points in the front, as would likely a Lego parts budget. 


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