Monday, August 20, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Rovers, Airships, and Spaceships

On Mondays, twice the projects are released, so as is often the case I am making two Picks of the Day.

Pick of the Day #1

Lunokhod 1 - First Soviet Lunar Rover - ルノホート1号
by Kei_kei

Kei Kei has managed to recreate the Lunokhod quite nicely here being both authentic and practical, which is often a rare beast indeed.  Kei Kei also has a great presentation.  Nice use of Naboo in the background there!

I really like the use of the gears as an analog for the mesh wheels of the original (see photo below).  The unicorn horn is also an amazing facsimile.

On top of all that it is a very viable build.  Actually constructed and from relatively common parts.  The large dish elements are probably the only rare current parts on the build.  The two old space parts holding the cube corner reflector and helical antenna will have to be updated though. 



Pick of the Day #2

Steampunk: Skypirate frigate Mustela
by Cealum

Ok, this is one of those times where I let my personal preferences get in the way.  I love "Steampunky" stuff and when you combine the two, you get my attentions.  I don't really care for the props being under the ship as landing gear....One bad Landing and you are NEVER getting back off the ground....but still this has a lot of unique character and great elements. 

It does look a little piecemeal but my understanding is that that is somewhat intentional.  If you look closely at it you will see lots of nice detailing...bulky greeble if you will.  Additionally The captain's cabin is lovely.

Honorable Mention

Modular Spaceship
by Lordaspie

I don't understand the use of the word "Modular" in this project...Modular has a special connotation in Lego.  It seems to mean, building where each story & roof come apart easily.  Here  Lordaspie is referencing a more traditional use of the word meaning "Employing or involving a module or modules in design or construction" which basically means....its made of Lego....So, no special meaning the wording at all....The true title for this should be Creator: Spacecraft.  As the Creator set provides a selection of Lego with the intent that many models can be build with those brick but following a theme, in this case...spacecrafts.

That being said the proposed kit is quite nice.  The designs are intriguing and stylish.  The color combination is appealing.  Lordaspie's presentation is also well done.  All around a solid project.

Special Mention

I thought these really distinguished themselves against the other notables.

Notable Series

Mini Eve Ships




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