Monday, August 13, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Theators, Trains, & Hogs, and Hedgehogs

Wow! as is often the case on Monday there were a ton of projects today. I am calling in my "Monday Double projects" caveat and declaring two "pick of the days" today. These two are just such good projects. The first for its realism, the second for its creativity.  Their order is not an indication of preference...they are both just so good!

Pick of the Day #1

Pro builder rides: Custom Bike
by Brickswheels

This is one of those were I don't really need to say anything.  The single picture speaks for itself, but I am going to say a few words anyway. 

Wow!  Motorcycles are already works of art...a set like this just proves that more so.  This is really just fantastic work.  The detailing of the engine is awesome, the scale is impressive.  I really like that Brickswheels used two different scales of tires and the design elements allow for a lot of color customization to suit your preference. 

Also I want to reiterate the scale since there is not much to independently go on, this thing is huge.  It is larger than any official Lego motorcycle build that I know of.  I estimate that it is 14 bricks tall from the picture.

Lastly...and a bit of a downer, Chrome is probably never going to happen.  As elaborated on here.  I would be ecstatic to be proven wrong but I doubt I will.  Regardless a set like this would be amazing with silver or even light blue grey elements instead of chrome. 

Pick of the Day #2

Medieval Traveling Theatre
by Bobsy

This is one of the most charming sets I have ever seen on Cuusoo.  Really, please take a look at the project details.

As the name indicates, this is much more than just a carriage, this set is a traveling theater.  A wall comes down for a stage and there are many minifigure elements to allow the thespians to play the part!  Brilliant!

Honorable Mention

Santa Fe Super Chief 10th Anniversary Celebration MicroSet
by Jmathis

This is a great miniature recreation of the Santa Fe with an impressive landscape to boot.  What can I say, I am a sucker of homages. 


Guest Review

Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone)
by Gtrocks1111

Recommendation by: wertyjj 

I found this project recently on Cuusoo and fell in love with it! It is the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog (Green Hill Zone). This project needs to get to 10,000 supporters, but it has been on for a few months and is going rather slowly. This project is the first stage of most Sonic games and is kinda like minecraft, where as it is mini. If you could give this project an added boost in supporters and put it out there in the LEGO community it would be greatly appreciated!

What to do your own guest review.  Then check out this link

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