Friday, August 10, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Double Decker and Bullet Train

Pick of the Day

RC Minifig Scaled Routemaster
by Gabor

This project does commit the "sin" of multibrick stickers.  It is sin to me, Lego has done it in the past (Sand Barge) although they do avoid it.  Regardless, that is easy for me to overlook given the cleverness of this design.  At first I thought this would just be a red version of the Knight Bus, but that is not the case, not at all.  In fact, the Lego is jut a thin skin over all of the mechanics and electronics barely contained within.

Here is a "cut-a-way" to showcase how tightly packaged this bus is:

Fantastic!  My one concern is that I don't see any tension release on the worm gear.  If this is correct then  you could rip us the Lego pretty bad if you overturn the front wheels in either direction.

All still very impressive though. 

Honorable Mention

Trenitalia TAV Freccia Rossa
by 3dab

Lego has some great trains.  They are some of my favorite sets in fact.  This design has some issues with it, high part count, and "open" slopes for instance, but I really like the concept.  I would like to see Lego designers tackle colorful sleek modern trains to see what they come up with.


Second Look

Dark green Mercedes truck with crane
by Selander

This is a really nice truck, and very unique.  A traditional Truck with bed but with a CRANE!  It even has some stabilizers thrown in.  Who would not want one of these.  The color selections are spectacular and I love the stripe of tan going right under the door.  Selander also gets bonus points for using the white, red, and green of Octan. 


  1. Hi! Yes, overturn is dangerous, but the steering is slow, so it's easy to steer without damage! Thanks for blogging! - Gabor :)

  2. No problem, thanks for sharing such a fantastic build. The worm gear is very slow so you are correct, there is that to help, but it is often hard to explain overturning to smaller Lego fans who often want to contol such devices ;)

    You could potentially include a slip gear but I think that would come at the sacrifice of some of the routemaster's structural integrity.