Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Hummer and Buzzer

Pick of the Day

Hummer H1 Soft Top
by Paliason

This is a work of art.  Look at how the Lego curves over the wheel using a combination of slopes and cheese wedges.  The use of alternating technics to form the grill.  The use of grill tiles on a plate to form the hood.  The geometric use of tile to form the raised door elements.  No question it is skillfully crafted beauty. 

For this I make it my pick of the day. However, if this were to get to 10k I doubt it would reach production due to the intent of the restriction on Military Vehicles.  Yes Yes Yes, I know this is not a "military" version of the Hummer but if you talk with Lego reps the restriction is because they don't want any Lego set to directly remind anyone of a real war experience.  This is why WWI is ok as the vast majority of people today have no direct experience with WWI....regardless, the Hummer has many military incarnations fresh in the minds of people across the globe.  I therefore find it very doubtful that this could be produced.

Of course, that is not reason NOT to support it if you want to see it.  Please by all means do so and let Lego proper decide what to do. 

Honorable Mention

by Gilkido

I am really torn on this one.  I like the design a lot but I really wish it was not totally virtual.  I have dealt with similar designs before and either they are too loose (thus totally unable to hold the poses as demonstrated) or they are too ridged (and thus will pop loose when you try to fold them).

Also, the elements used for the legs, besides being retired, are made to be very very loose and curvy.  There is no possible way they could support the weight of the build.  There are new Lego elements that can though


Support Level: 27
Hummer H1 Soft Top
Support Level: 27
Deadpool Marvel Legends Scale
Support Level: 19
3-Story Alleyway House
Support Level: 13
Lexcorp locomotive
Support Level: 8
Creative Comedy Bench
Support Level: 4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Support Level: 4
Futuristic motorbike
Support Level: 1

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