Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Schools, Fighters, and Droids

Pick of the Day

Elementary School
by Jaystepher

Though perhaps a little oversized (and thus expensive) for the likely market, this is a really impressive set with a lot of character.  This school is fully equipped, including cafeteria and bathrooms.  In the back is an impressive array of playground equipment and a bus is thrown in for good measure.

Even beyond all that it has some great architectural highlights.  The windows are especially appealing even if they do incur a large part count.  

Honorable Mention #1 (It is a Monday)

(ACJOC) AIF-28 Raven Multi-Role Strike Fighter
by Ojohnishmort

This is a sleek, creative aircraft.  Definitely worth taking a look at the additional photos.  A lot of interesting angles are presented and the intakes on the bottom and aft tail "wings" on the top add flair.

It is also apparently very well balanced!

Honorable Mention #2

Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google
by Glhturbo

Glhturbo did a fantastic job here modelling an obviously cartoonish logo.  It is a part heavy design but it is really the only way to go to get that level of curviness in a build.  It would be nice if the arms could be brought in a bit but that is difficult with the lime options available.  I think it might be doable with 1x1 round plates with through holes. 

For some reason I am really drawn to the antenna too.  I think its because they add a lot of character with their pose-ability.  

Really impressive Virtual Build

Ultimate Collector Series Octuptarra Tri-Droid
by Lucero

This is an incredibly detailed plus sized virtual design that deserves some recognition.  I am not certain that it could stand under its own weight but it IS a work of art, even if it only exists virtually. 


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