Friday, June 22, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: Days until Review

The chart now is based on a full week of data gathering of the top Lego Cuusoo projects, so I have much greater confidence in the results. There should be variance in support based on day of the week for instance, that this wider data range takes into account.

From now on I will be updating the table weekly with a "delta velocity" column added to show if the project is speeding up from week to week or slowing down.

You can view my previous charts here for an elaboration on the details of this information and a few options to help with slow velocity projects.

I will be very interested in seeing what effect the new project referral code has on support velocity.   

Table Legend
Project: Name of the Project
Rank: Rank is based on Support level at the time the data was collected
S/V: Percentage of Support relative to Views
S/D: Support per Day
DtoR: Based on a purely linear extrapolation, this is the number of days remaining to reach 10k supporters, Stagnant here indicates that there has been no gain in supporters over the reviewed time frame.

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