Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.06.04

Pick of the Day

 Twist and Whirl Ride
by DerekMedina
DerekMedina has my number. I am a sucker for artistic use of gears and technic parts and this certainly fits the bill The MOC is more than a pretty face, it really spins.

Honorable Mention

Toyota FJ Cruiser
by Lemurman
 I pay attention to any Lego vehicle MOC that can fit two figs in the cap. I am pretty sure this once succeeds by having the figs stick their arms out the window. Regardless this build has captures the "blocky curviness" that is prevalent in many Modern cars.

Modular of the Day 
I finally decided to start doing this. Modulars just don't compare well with other MOCs. They represent too many different ideas and styles. And they seem to come out on a daily basis. So, you will be seeing them, sometimes in the new "Modular of the Day" category. The name is a work in progress, like the site.

Modular Post Office
by ezzkazz
This has some really spiffy Post office details. I a very much appreciate that it uses the Lego Postal Service Red and Yellow!

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