Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.06.11

Bats, Beasts, and Portmeirions

This is a Monday so we get two picks and three honorable.  

Pick of the Day #1

The Bat Rises
by velociraptor

I have not seen the movie yet so I cannot vouch for its authenticity, but I can vouch for the awesomeness of the build.  This Bat uses great techniques to create very angular shapes that are not common in Lego builds.  The thrusters are very impressive as well with how tight they are around the prop and their connection to the main body.

Pick of the Day #2

Creator Sets: Star Wars Arena Beasts
by ACPin

The Acklay (big green bug) sold me on this.  It appears very articulated while being robustly stable, a rare combination.  They all appear relatively organic which is important in a creator "animal" series. 

Maleficent the Dragon
by Stormbringer

I kept waffling back and forth on if I liked this better than the Arena Beasts or not.  Then It came down to a technical issue.  Both sets have "illegal" minifig arm usage.  The Acklay uses olive green arms as a feature which is nice but not critical.  This set however replaces the prince's arm to place the shield at a side angle.  It looks great but won't fly with Lego.  So, though it is gorgeous it will never be a Cuusoo set and that saddens me.

by d-mackenzie

Simple and clean with some clever techniques hidden throughout. 

BATMAN classic BATMOBILE 1960 (by KENTA974)
by KENTA974

This could use some improvements but overall catches the spirit of the Batmobile and is instantly recognizable.


Second Look
Second Look is a new addition to our articles.  These are projects that have fallen through the cracks that deserve a LOT more support than they have gotten to date.

Calamity Jane 2
by builder42

This beautiful, unique ship only has 8 supporters!!!  How is that.  Look at all the details, the greeble, the technique!  Sure its huge, but who cares, so is the Mirage and the Sandcrawler.  I would be ecstatic with a smaller version too. 

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