Monday, June 18, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Tripods, Bug riders, and Tranforming Gameboys

Pick of the Day
Magna Tri-Droid & CHRISTOPHSIS Battle Pack
by sepsymp

Sepsymp specializes in creative use of small parts to make droids, the Retail-Clan Droid is not exception to this.  Sepsymp has added the engineering difficulty of taking on the Tri-Droid!
The build is already very accurate and colorful, but I am truly impressed that this is accomplished while maintaining the entire weight of the structure on three spindly legs. 

Honorable Mention
Bug mount
by KadasBence

This is one of those really nice builds that seems like a Lego set I could actually find in the stores.  It always impresses me when I see that.  This could be an actual line.  The string is a nice touch too. 


Baciccia78 Star Wars Series (Notables sub-category)

Baciaccia78 put out a herculean line of Star Wars vessels, mostly of the proud Mon Calamari line

Second Look
Transforming Nintendo Accessories/Games
by vonbrunk

Vonbrunk has been working on this project for quite some time.  It was already impressive when it was just the Gameboy and Tetris Cartridge, but if you didn't support it the first time around (for some crazy reason), or just missed it, check it out again.

Vonbrunk has added a transforming Nintendo Zap gun (pictured above) and another game cartridge (Pokemon), with a different transformation from from the original Tetris.  

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