Monday, June 11, 2012

Cuusoo of the Week: 2012.06.03-2012.06.09

Ancient civs, a whirling ride, and a great wall

Pick of the Week

Ancient World Civilizations
by matija

The variety, aesthetics, and demonstrated techniques of these builds set them apart from the majority of projects on Cuusoo.  Don't forget to check out matija's flickr pages for close ups of these true works of art.

Second Place

Twist and Whirl Ride
by DerekMedina

I am a sucker for artistic use of Technic parts.  I think Lego shunts them all much to readily to the "vehicle recreations".  Make sure to check out the video of the ride in motion

Honorable Mention

The Great Wall
by lisqr

This is a great concept, well implemented.  Each square of of the set can pop off and be recombined in a different order, utilizing as many sets as you got. 


Second Look

The "Second Look" is a new article line I will be working with.  I will be digging up more "mature" projects that I think deserve more support.  As this is my third week, I decided to do a bulk presentation of all the projects with 3 or fewer supports that really should have more than that.  Moving forward I will present fewer per article and add some arguments but I thought this was a good start.

I am not saying they deserve 10k, but take a look and judge for yourself.

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