Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: What is your relative support level

There are over 3700 projects in Cuusoo.  Only 29 of those projects have more than 1000 supporters and of those, only one has more than 5000 supports...although I assume by the time most people read this Space Marines will have hit that benchmark.

With 10K being such a large journey, I find it much more fruitful to think of support in relative terms.  So, for those of you who are not crazy like I am, here is some short cuts to figuring out how well your project is doing.

Here is a chart showing support vs ranking.

chart of all Projects

As you can see, support is very Non-Linear.  In fact over 50% of projects have 8 support or less.

Here is a zoomed in table showing the Top 250 project (top 6.9%) so that you can see some more interesting details.

chart of top 250 Projects

It doesn't look too much different, still very asymptotic in fact.  So, now that I have shown you the silly lines, lets put some of the more interesting values in a table you can use to assess your own projects.

Support Level Ranking
8 Top 50%
24 Top 25%
79 Top 10%
363 Top 2.5%
1957 Top 0.3%

So, what should you take away from this?

 If your project has less than 8 support, and it is not brand spanking should really think about it. Try changing your tags, the presentation, the MOC. Your project is not distinguishing itself.

 If your project is in the 24 support range, you have obviously captured "something". Either your MOC or your concept is drawing fans.

 If your project is in the 80 support range, give yourself a pat on the back. People really like it. It might not get to 10k, but you are certainly doing something right.

 At 363, everyone on Cuusoo is probably at least a bit familiar with your project. So, either they have supported it, or don't plan to. If your project is stagnating here...well, you need to get supporters from outside Cuusoo probably if you want to continue forward.  Each project is so different that it is hard to give general advice, but I recommend seeking out the groups that would be interested in the end product and bringing it to their attention.  Be creative, not obnoxious.   

 At 1957, it is a forgone conclusion at this point that you will reach 10k. It is no longer a question of if, but when (unless of course it gets pre-rejected or "prejected"). Your project is so high profile at this point that it will, if slowly, gather up enough supporters to get to the finish line.

I hope this document gives you some perspective on your own support levels.

* Note: This data is valid as of June 14, 2012.

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