Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cuusoo Analytics: Days Until Review

This will likely promise to be my most controversial posting to date.  Before anyone gets to excited about the data I would like to point out that this has only been collected for a few days and as time goes on I will get a more accurate prediction.

Here is the Chart for Progress towards Review of the top projects.

Table Legend
Project: Name of the Project
Rank: Rank is based on Support level at the time the data was collected
StoV: Percentage of Support relative to Views
V/D: Views per Day
S/D: Support per Day
DtoC: Based on a purely linear extrapolation, this is the number of days remaining to reach 10k supporters, Stagnant here indicates that there has been no gain in supporters over the reviewed time frame.

This data is currently based on only a few data points.  I plan on publishing updates to this chart regularly so the data should become more stable and reliable.  Also, support is observed to be non-linear, but that is all I have to go on at the moment.  For one thing, it is well known that as a project gets very close to 10k, it begins to accelerate.

Due to a data glitch I did not get the data for the Portal Project.  This was not intentional, even though Cuusoo has effectively said this will not be accepted due to its FPS source material and the fact that they have rejected new Portal projects. 

What is your take away from this?
Even if your project is good enough to be in the top 100, you need to do a lot more if you want to see your project get reviewed any time soon.  At these rates, only nine of the current top 100, will reach 10k supporters in the next 12 months.

If you are not in the top 100...well, this should be an even louder clarion call for you shouldn't it.

Find Supporters outside of Cuusoo
It is a FACT that people love Lego.  They also love other things (strange concept right).  You don't need a celebrity to sponsor your project, just find the groups that like the concept behind your project (outside of Lego) and get their attention.  If you have a project about birds...well, post about it at the National Audubon Society.  Get creative but don't turn into a spam bot. 

Project Upgrade
One way to get new supporters is to upgrade your project.  The problem with that though is Cuusoo does not provide a very good way of showcasing your improvements, except to those who are following your project directly.  By the time you have gotten a high ranking, well, pretty much every current Cuusoo user has already seen your project and either supported it or didn't, and most of them are not going to be trolling projects they already didn't support.

I have an option for you in this case and that is my daily Cuusoo posting.  I have section called "Second Look" which is dedicated to projects that have been updated or that I think should get more support.  If you would like my help getting that word out on your updated project,  contact me about the project and what changes have recently improved it.  If I like what you are doing I will consider it for "Second Look."

For example, my next "Second Look" will be about

Transforming Nintendo Accessories/Games
by vonbrunk

Vonbrunk has recently added the Nintendo Zapper and another game cartridge to this project.  Its a serious update, but how many of you knew about it?   

Shameless Plug
There is another option and that is to support milestone achievements below 10k supports, for instance this project:

Best of Cuusoo Builder's Guide Semi-Annual E-book">
by GlenBricker

The concept of this project is for Cuusoo to publish an eBook of instructions for building the projects that it finds merit the attention though lack supporters. The showcased creators would enjoy the accolades of being chosen, the publicity of publication, and perhaps receive a small royalty for their work.
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