Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.06.07

Two very different Vessels 

Today I am introducing "Notables" to my Cuusoo of the Day.  I plan to make it a re-occurring addition to the posting.  Notables are any projects that I think deserve a look.

 Pick of the Day

The Apollo Era Project
by _George_

With the almost guaranteed acceptance by Lego, I don't see why there are not more space program projects like these.  This is the closets to minifig scale I have seen and is quite good.  I like the use of the old arctic backpacks for space packs too. 

Honorable Mention

Roman Bireme
by Lemurman

I am a sucker for ships.  I think the quality of these photos really cause the project to suffer but there is a lot of quality in the design.   This one is overflowing with minifigs as it has a full contingent of oarsmen.   I only wish that Lemurman had managed to pull off a curvier build.   


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