Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Walkers and Art Centers

Pick of the Day

by Yairmccoy

This is a fun looking walker.  Well crafted with creative legs.  I am surprised that it stands on its own on a firm surface let alone the...bed? it looks like its on  I guess there could be some trick photography at play but lets assume it stands.  So, for its creative design, technical achievement, and viable scale I give it the Pick of the Day.

Honorable Mention

Logan Center for the Arts
by Fallentomato

Compact and Engaging.  Sell-able scale with some interesting techniques.   

Notable +
I wanted to explain why these two did not make the cut.  They are Notable+ I guess.

by Lirinco

Its a little hard to judge the Technic stuff.  A lot of how good it is is how well it moves...and we don't really have that to judge this set by.  But it looks very good.   There are plenty of Technic Cranes though and I am not sure this really provides anything more than what we have already seen in the field.   If the tracks were powered then I would have been persuaded to put this as pick of the day. 
Southwestern Adobe House
by Scottfromsc

This is an astounding MOC.  I know plenty of people form El Paso who would want to own it.  But for its scale it really does not seem to do that much.  There are no internals and it does not harken to a famous structure.  So,  I love it for the MOC that it is, but I can't see it being a viable product based on its cost vs demand, so I can't give it the Pick of the Day. 


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