Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: A Ruined Fortress, Mini Commanders, and a Mobile Repair Station

Ok, changing up the title structure.  These are my picks for 20120615

Pick of the Day
Goblin Fortress Ruins
by AlexP

I hope AlexP runs out of work soon so this does not start looking like a fanpage ;).  This latest offering by AlexP is significantly different from all his other published sets to date so I think it qualifies for "Pick of the Day" and I am giving it to him.

Goblin Fortress Ruin, as is common for AlexP projects, uses virtually every stud, the efficiency off these sets is crazy.  I love his use tile snotting and technic brick.  The statue minifigure is a great touch.  The hole in the wall is very well orchestrated.  All and all, this set is a DM's dream.

Honorable Mention
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
by jibbler

There are a lot of gaming projects.  This one stands out due to how well thought out it is.  The presented parts do look a LOT like the in game elements.

This set might straddle the line of the policy against modern war-machines.  Some of the pieces are obviously futuristic, but there might not be enough variation in the small scale to justify it getting through the review boards.  

 Repeat Performance
The Wizard's House
by AlexP

Not really going to say much about this this point you either love AlexP's stuff or you hate it.  You can't disagree that AlexP certainly has some crazy lego skills though.  

Royal Garden
by lakersnba

I don't usually give Notables there own full scale image, but since there was just the one I figured I would give a full review.

This is a very nice, if simple MOC.  lakersnba has managed the difficult task of making the very structured Lego have an organic flow.  The change from a 3 tile wide walkway to a 2 tile wide walkway bothers me though.

Second Look
Olivia's Mobile Scooter Repair
by gotoandbuild

This is a very fun and creative set.  For some reason it really reminds me of the manga/anime series ride back.

Its strong points are its clever concept, great color, and fantastic design.  I love how blocky the service vehicle is.  The use of levers for the windshield is inspired.  Fitting Olivia's legs into that vehicle must be a bit of clever work.

I love the Vespa as a stand alone but it is also the only bad thing about the set.  For one, and really just a minor quibble, is that it uses the verboten severed hand technique!  The other issue is that a Friends character cannot possibly ride it.

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