Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lego City Undercover and the Dark Bucket

 Lego City Undercover

So, it looks like Lego is finally expanding the video game style.

Check out this trailer for Lego City Undercover.  Its claims to be an open universe and you can see that there is some vehicle usage too.  Movie and pop culture references abound as well as Lego specific humor.

Here is the trailer

The Dark Bucket reaches 10K

Finally.  I am glad to see the Dark Bucket hit 10K.  This is however, just so it is not taking up any more head room.  Hasbro has exclusive rights to produce Star Wars "action figures".  Minifigs by themselves count as "action figures".  So this bucket, and all the projects like it, are pretty much doomed to failure.

So if you want to propose a project with a ton of Star Wars figs, then go with something like this.

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