Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.06.13

The Drake's Head Inn
by AlexP

This is Lego crafting at its finest.  AlexP uses advanced technique with pure artistry to create this stunning build that is spectacular on the outside AND the inside.  AlexP uses every stud, I mean, check out the bed sheets!   Be sure to check out the site for the internal shots.

No Honorable mentions or Notables today. 

Second Look 
Custom Bike
by omar888

This amazing motorcycle is at a measly 10 supporters?  What is up with that? Its got all kinds of craftily re-purposed parts!  I would replace the diamond on the back with one of those flick fire missile tips though. 

I do have to call omar888 out on using the "Star Wars" tag.  Not sure if there is anything with wheels in star wars.  Hm...I think the closest thing would be Grievious's big wheel with a sidecar.  Now I am really curious...anyone know of a better example of wheels in Star Wars? Its going to bother me all day!

Cuusoo Wishlist 

In this section I report on MOCS I have found out of Cuusoo that I WISH I could support.

Neutrino Jet ABS
by JWG 258

I totally agree with JWG 258's concept here.  Cadillac meets Classic Sci-fi.

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  1. Just remembered, there is a wheeled vehicle in star wars. The heavy clone trooper carrier that came with Mace Windu the first time it came out and Cad Bane the second time.