Monday, June 4, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: 2012.06.03

Sunday was not a very good day for Cuusoo.  14 projects, and if you exclude the clear frontrunner they average a .7 support each, ouch!

Pick of the Day

Joker's Hotrod
by EracerMikey

This is a pretty slick Hot Rod even without the DC Hero theme.  The exposed engine is inspired.  There is some kind of mechanic that allows you to raise and swivel Harley's gun pod, but the photos do not do a very good job of demonstrating how the "raising" is achieved.

Let me say that there are several "Joker" vehicles on Cuusoo that are not in Green and Purple (one is too many in my book), however  EracerMikey points out that this would be in Green and Purple but Lego does not have the parts in the appropriate colors, but he does include a cad image in the "appropriate" color scheme.

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