Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cuusoo of the Day: Tron, Ice Cream, and Blasters

 Lego News

A new commercial is out for the Lego SWTOR Fury and Interceptor: 

Cuusoo of the Day

This is a Monday which has double the projects so, as usual I make Two picks of the Day

Pick of the Day #1
TRON: Legacy Vehicles
by 4estfeller

Add "Black" to front of the title of this project and I would be all over it.  I doubt Tron Legacy has the draw to get its own Cuusoo sets, but I have always wanted some re-imaginings of the Blacktron line.  4estfeller presents a very nice line of Black and Trans-neon vehicles which fit the bill perfectly. 

Pick of the Day #2
Ice Cream Truck
by Joeypoh

This is a well done ice cream truck, instantly recognizable.  Also, I am pretty sure Lego has not done an ice cream truck before either which is a nice selling point.  Great use of the butcher minifig too!  Although butchers and frozen treats remind of Fifth Element

Honorable Mention 
 European Fire Engine
by Zeki

This is a real nice fire truck.  One of the best I have seen.  It is also very well stocked, I suggest you take a look at the project to see the contents of the containers.  I might have placed this above the ice cream truck but Lego has tons of fire trucks already, not to mention the over-abundance on Cuusoo. 


Star Wars Blasters
These are truly fantastic recreations of the Star Wars blasters, I really recommend that you take a look.  The only reason I did not choose the Han Solo New Hope is because, well, I really don't think they could make it through the review board.  Cuusoo does not in fact have a stated position against guns, but Lego does.  I know for instance that you cannot put realistic weapons in LUG windows of the Lego Stores.

On top of that is all the strange legal issue is would introduce. I know all gun toys in the US need an orange ring at the end of the barrel.  Even if Lego did include a orange piece to go on the end of the barrel,  I don't know if Lego can sell a set with the intent of it looking like a real gun since the orange piece could be VERY easily removed.  

Nachapon Parts

Atlantis Phase III


Only Thing on Saturday 

 Star Wars Combine-able Battle pack(s) Combinatorial Mini Sets
by Samiam

This is not the first time Lego has done something like this but Samiam has a very creative implementation of the idea.  I disagree with the idea of Vader being in a Battle-Pack though.  Since Star Wars Battle Packs were introduced in 2007, no iconic character has appeared in one.  Besides, anyone who would buy multiples of the these packs, to form a larger room, would probably already have a Lego Vader ;).

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