Monday, June 25, 2012

Cuusoo of the Week: The Tripod, the Bug, and the Motorcycle Modular

Pick of the Week
Magna Tri-Droid & CHRISTOPHSIS Battle Pack
by sepsymp

This was selected for Cuusoo Project of the Week because it is great example of Art meets Engineering.  To top that off it is a great recreation of and "existing" construct.  There are two distinctively different types of Lego builds, the truly creative builds that create something unique, where the challenge is to create and the modeling of something per-existing in Lego where the challenge is to re-create.  This is an outstanding example of challenging, and successful, re-creation.

On top off all that we get the masterful Retail-Clan Droid with its creative part use on a much smaller scale.  

Second Place
Bug mount
by KadasBence

This set really just calls out to me.  I really like bugs, I like the idea of people riding bugs.  Its a clean build with a great choice of minifig.  I could really see this being a Lego set from off the shelf. 

Honorable Mention

Urban Moto: A Modular Motorcycle Shop
by gotoandbuild

I stand by my previous statements on this build.  Its one of the most creative Modulars out there.  Its got loads of character, great technique, and great use of color.    


Creator Series

Quality Mocs

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